DEVROCK - Company details

DEVROCK stands for solid development

Our skills:
Web Development,
Search engine optimization (SEO),

What we offer is solid like a rock!
You can trust us.

Founded in:

Malta - Sliema

We chisel your online business in stone - forever!

Why are we here in Malta?
We are from Germany! During a vacation in 2015, we were gripped by the island's culture, friendliness and local cuisine! Suffice it to say, we inevitably ended up coming back several times and fully embraced the country's innovation and growing online market.

Having now been fully established in Malta, we constantly endeavour to enrich this lovely country with our German Quality Standards in Web Development.

Key figures

Years Development Experience
founded Web Projects
Keyboards worn out

We what we do
Malta we will rock you!


Registered at

  • DEVROCK Ltd.
  • 48, Stella Maris Street
  • SLM 1765 - Sliema
  • Malta


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